ERC20 token which fuels a community of developers, cryptocurrency traders, and crypto-enthusiasts.


HODL Bucks is a solution and fuel for applications.


Owners of HODL Bucks are able to trade with other Crypto Enthusiasts.


The community of HODL Bucks controls the token and creates uses for it.


HODL Bucks is available on the cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia. 

Community Projects and Partnerships

Active projects and partnerships which use HODL Bucks.

-Projects for 2018-

Games are being developed by a community member within the HODL Bucks community which use HODL Bucks as a game credit. 

HODL Bucks is currently partnered with Olympus Mons, a new cryptocurrency platform which will launch later in 2018. 

Join the Community

Our Community is currently located on the chat application Telegram. We have a robust and active community of over 600 members. 

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